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I wish I had an robot with slides for boobs to play on when I was young.


Happy Thanksgiving

Best Halloween Costume of 2009

She went as Low Resolution Girl.


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You Don’t Know Shit About The World

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According to Anthony Bourdain

“The more you travel, the less you realize you know…When you travel it changes the definitions of words that you thought you understood. You thought you knew what the word “work” meant. You didn’t know if you’re from the West until you’ve seen a rice farming community, for instance.”

completely agree.

Old News

This is probably old news for most of you but the Alice In Wonderland & Tron 2: Legacy movie trailers came out three days ago.

Alice & Wonderland has always been one of my favorite movies by Disney.  Hopefully it lives up to the hype unlike that other Tim Burton remake.

I’m so fucking glad the movie isn’t called T2on anymore. 3 reasons why this movie will kick ass: 1. Soundtrack by Daft Punk 2. LEBOWSKI is in the movie 3. It’s Tron

I like the fact that they decided not to add any music to the trailer.

Both movies in IMAX 3D. Disney ftw in 2010.

this pic made me lol.

Post-It Motion

Took him only like two minutes on MS Paint to do all of this.


I must have that Star Wars poster.

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