The End is Nigh.

We are one week away from the biggest hit-or-miss comic book movie of all time. I know most of you probably seen some sort of propaganda for the Watchmen movie whether it by on a billboard, Facebook, Youtube, etc, but keep on asking yourself, “who the fuck are the Watchmen?” This blog is dedicated to all the people who want to know more about the Watchmen,  read the graphic novel and need a refresher, or just bored and just need something to watch. Please note that I am not going into full detail on the story and characters. I’ll try to be spoiler-free as possible. Watchmen is one of those “you have to read/watch it to understand it” kind of deal. yeah  this is probably a tl;dr post but its worth it! my grammar is horrible so bear with  me.


Watchmen is set in 1985, in an alternate history United States where costume adventurers are real and the country is edging closer to a nuclear war with the Soviet Union (the Doomsday Clock is at five minutes to midnight). It tells the story of a group of past and present superheroes and the events surrounding the mysterious murder of one of their own. Watchmen depicts superheroes as real people who must confront ethical and personal issues, who struggle with neuroses and failings, and who—with one notable exception—lack anything recognizable as super powers. Watchmen‘s conventional superhero archetype, combined with its innovative adaptation of cinematic techniques and heavy use of symbolism, multi-layered dialogue, and metafiction, has influenced both comics and film.

The Keene Act (well done trailer)

via wiki

Who wrote the Watchmen?

Alan Moore was born in Northapton, England in 1953 (Age: 55). He started making coming books in the 1970’s after he was kicked out of school for dealing LSD. Wrote the Watchmen in 1986. All of his comic books and graphic novels usually have adult themes and heavy symbolism. You might be familiar with his other works V For Vendetta and The Killing Joke. (both good readz) I tried to find the most sexiest picture of him I could find on the internet.

Who are the Watchmen?

Name: John Osterman also know as Doctor Manhattan

Age: 56 (but he never ages)

Played by: Billy Crudup

Info: Jon wanted to follow his fathers footsteps in becoming a watch maker. After the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Jon’s dad had other plans for his future, telling  him to persue a career in nuclear physics. Jon graduates from Princeton in 1958 with a Ph.D in atomic physics. After his studies he transfers to a research base in Arizona that deals with research on intrinsic fields, which if meddled with, could vaporize physical objects. One day he forgets something in his lab coat inside the test chamber, the door closes on him, and he gets vaporized. Months after the incident, Jon body starts to reform and begins a new life as Doctor Manhattan.

Some notable changes would be: he’s fucking blue, immortal, does not need food or water to survive, can teleport, can see the past and future, deconstruct and reconstruct atoms. Seems to lack emotions and interest in the human race. He is the only Watchmen with super powers.

Name: Laurie Juspeczyk (pronounced You Spec Chick lolol) also known as Silk Spectre II

Age: 36

Played By: Malin Akerman

Info: Laurie loathe the idea of growing up to be a adventurer, but went with it any way for the sake of her mother, Sally wishes(the first Silk Spectre) She is romantically linked to Dr.Manhattan (pedo) and hates the Comedian for things that he has done to her mother in the past.

Laurie is annoying, annoying, annoying.

Name: Dan Dreiberg also known as Nite Owl II


Played By:Patrick Wilson

Info: Dan always dreamed of becoming a masked adventurer. His dad was a wealthy banker and after he died Dan inherited large amounts of money. After graduating Harvard with a degree in Zoology , Dan decided to mail his idol, the original Nite Owl and asked if he is able to carry on the mantle. Nite Owl agreed and Dan decided to use his inheritance to fund his life as a adventurer. He teamed up with Rorschach fighting crime, until the passing of the Keene Act in 1977, in which case he retired.

Nite Owl is the most normal out of all the Watchmen, he is nice, honest, likable, and somewhat timid. No, he is not the wannabe Batman, but they do share some similarities such as various amounts of costumes, tools, and vehicles. He kind of reminds me of Iron Man and Batman without the bad ass attitude.

Name: Walter Kovacs also known as Rorschach


Played By:Jackie Earle Haley

Info: Walter grew up in a broken home, never met his father, and his mother was a prostitute who would beat him on a normal basis. When he was 10, Walter was moved to a foster home in New Jersey since his living conditions with his mom were unbearable. He excelled in school and kept mostly to himself. After he was old enough to move out, Walter found a job in the garment industry as a manual laborer. One day, a young lady comes into the store to pick up her new dress, but after looking at it, she decides it’s too ugly and leaves without it. Walter brings it home, cuts and re-sews it back together, thus creating the mask. Two years later, Walter bought a newspaper and see’s the girl from the store on the front page. She had been raped and tortured to death outside of her apartment building while her neighbors just watched, not calling the police. This disgusts him and . . Enter Rorschach. Walter partners up with Nite Owl in 1965. . .I will end here, Rorschach’s origin is a BIG part of the main story and I don’t want to spoil it.

Rorschach is definitely the fan favorite, there is something about being a nut case makes everyone love you. He will do anything to get an answer, even if it means killing someone in the process. To me, he rivals Batman as greatest detective.

Name: Adrian Veidt also know as Ozymandias


Played By: Matthew Goode

Info: Adrian “The Worlds Smartest Man” Veidt, the son of rich immigrant parents, is a extremely intelligent child growing up. He idolized Alexander the Great and the Egyptians. After his parents died, Adrian gave all the money he inherited to charity and set off on a journey, following the route that Alexander took. The reason why he gave all his money to charity was to prove he can achieve greatness from starting out with nothing, like Alexander. After completing his journey, he comes back to the United States to become a super hero and takes up the name Ozymandias. Veidt quits adventuring in 1975, two years before the Keene Act and focuses on marketing his image (lol sellout), making action figures and television appearances. He becomes wealthy. . .and

I don’t know what to say about Veidt except he’s a total douche.

Name: Edward Blake also know as The Comedian


Played By:Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Info: He starts off dead in the beginning of the story , the story revolves around the mystery of his murderer. Blake was a part of the original Minutemen in the 1940’s, and is one of the only two superheroes to exist after the Keene Act along with Dr.Manhattan.

The Comedian is your typical hard-ass, jacked up on steroids look, take shit from no-one kind of guy with a bad sense of humor. Just think of Captain America if  he woke up in the wrong side of the bed.

Watchmen: Motion Comic.

Earlier this year DC & Warner Bros. decided to launch a highly detailed, motion comic with narration!  “Why read it when you can watch it?” That’s what I always say. I posted links to all twelve chapters, each of them about 30 minutes long, all of them in high quality. Trust me you won’t be disappointed, if the live action movie didn’t even come out I would have been thrilled with this. This is probably going to be better than it anyways. Dave Gibbons, John Higgins, and Tom Stechschulte make this book come alive. It feels like I’m watching the adult version of Batman: The Animated series. Avoid this if you want to be surprised. But if you do, you suck.

You might need to d/l the DivX web player, and remember to press player again after it buffers to like 1%

Chapter 1: At Midnight, All The Agents. . .

Chapter 2: Absent Friends

Chapter 3: Judge of All The Earth

Chapter 4:Watchmaker

Chapter 5: Fearful Symmetry

Chapter 6: The Abyss Gazes Also

Chapter 7: A Brother To Dragons

Chapter 8: Old Ghost

Chapter 9: The Darkness of Mere Being ***

Chapter 10: Two Riders Were Approaching

Chapter 11: Look on My Works, Ye Mighty. . .

Chapter 12: A Stronger Loving World

*** Favorite Chapter.

Notable difference from the book

-New Ending

-No Black Freight (you will understand if you watch the motion comic)


If this movie stays true to the comic expect a lot of the following:

-Gore ( I’m guessing 300 style)

-Scenes that will make you squeamish


I can see how this movie can’t become a financial success in the box office, unknown super heroes, unknown actors, and hype (HYPE KILLS). It’s not really a story for everyone and I won’t be surprised if not many people like it. My expectations for the movie to succeed are low, hopefully the movie will prove me wrong . So far its getting good reviews with 21 out of 26 positive from Rotten Tomatoes. If the movie does suck at least we got a sick ass motion comic out of it amirite?

** leave a comment if the links are broken and i’ll try to do something about it. also if you read all of this, I thank ye and hope this was somewhat informative.  I apologize again for the bad grammarz. ;D


5 responses to “The End is Nigh.

  1. “Laurie is annoying, annoying, annoying.”

    “Blake… is one of the only two superheroes to exist after the Keene Act along with Dr.Manhattan.”

    Technically, Rorschache is still exists. It’s just that he isn’t paid and supported by the government as Blake and Dr. Manhattan are.

    I like your writing, Achoo! (:

  2. *Rorsache still exists.
    Minus the ‘is’ ):

  3. Michelle Nguyen

    Awesome. I have to check it out now. My English professor is reading Watchmen too!

  4. Michelle Nguyen

    Have you looked into the 30 Days of Night comics?

  5. Tiffany- “Technically, Rorschache is still exists. It’s just that he isn’t paid and supported by the government as Blake and Dr. Manhattan are.”

    Exactly, that’s why I didn’t put him there. He is really not suppose to exist. And I am blown away by your comic book knowledge. +2 cool points.

    Michelle- CHECK IT OUT! Alan Moore is way ahead of the game. I have 2 of the graphic novels, read one, but didn’t finish the series. I’ll check it out when I got the time.

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