New Years Resolutions

I know this is a month late but here is my New Years Resolutions and what I’m looking forward to in 2009.

New Years Resolutions
-Drink more tea
-Eat more fiber
-Go skydiving
-Blog more
-Read at least a hour a day.
-Watch more foreign/indie movies (The French make the best movies)
-Be better
-Work on my social awkwardness
-Take vitamins
-Less time on the internets (this isn’t working out well)
-Play Brain Age Academy 30 minutes a day
-Stay positive (what can i say, i am a negative nancy)
-Quit “that” game. . .eventually.
-Work on my grammar and be less dependent on auto-spell check. ><
-Eat out only once per week. (so far so good. YELP 52 segment is coming out soon)

Things I’m looking forward to next year.
-Buying Alcohol (especially wine for some reason)
-Move out or stay in SJ?
-NFL 2009-10 Season
-Getting 18-pack abs.


One response to “New Years Resolutions

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