Maybe next year Chargers.

Super Bowl

Congratulations to the Pittsburgh Steelers for their 6th franchise Superbowl Win! As ironic as it might sound (since I’m a avid football fan), I did not watch the Superbowl.  I found no incentive to watch it since I don’t really follow the Steelers or Cardinals, it would have been a different story either if the Eagles or Ravens  played  .  I did follow the score online from time to time and will probably blog about the game later in the week once its out on torrent. Just stayed home and read Heat.

The Commercials

You can watch all the Superbowl commercials here.

Couple of my favorites from this year.

Enjoyed this CocaCola commercial about our internet alter egos. :P


Looks like Pixar have another hit in their hands.

The new G.I. Joe film looks real good,  a movie I’d actually pay $10 for. They have Joseph Gordon-Levitt playing the Cobra Commander and Marlon Wayans! And whoever is playing The Baroness looks hot.

all the budwiser commercials with the horses were fucking stupid.

One response to “Maybe next year Chargers.

  1. Loved the commercials this year. Most of them were pretty good and I think you still should have watched it. It was a really good Superbowl I like to think. Definitely better than the last one for sure.

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