I moved



Merry Christmas!

Reflection Eternal ft. Jay Electronica, J.Cole, Mos Def-  Just Begun

Lupe Fiasco- I’m Beaming (produce by the Neptunes)

Christmas came a day early!

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Star Wars: A New Era

The Storm Trooper hat  is calling out my name. Also check out the Adidas collection coming out early next year.

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Hiatus. See you guys in 2010!

Edward Cullen is. . .

Better late than never.


I wish I had an robot with slides for boobs to play on when I was young.

Allison The Huffer

Girl who is addicted on sucking Air Dust Remover. Must watch!

edit: “It’s like I’m walking on sunshine.”

Deadmau5- Ghosts N Stuff (Hard Intro Version)

This song makes the hairs on my back stand up.